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Since this is an encyclopaedia, I should not lie. Isn't it?

About Me[edit]

More About Me[edit]

  • Interests: Art and literature, Theatre, Photography, Language and Linguistics specially related to Bengal and Bengali, Russian children's literature and many more ...
  • Hobby: Keeps changing... better call them pastimes and interests. (Well, what is the difference of hobby and pastime?)
  • Pastime: My pastimes are Very common pastimes, and thats suggestive from my interests. Do you still want to know? Well then, here are they. Reading, writing, listening to music, surfing through personal pages, travelling, watching movies, etc. etc.

Much More About Me[edit]

  • I was a student of IIT, Kharagpur when I started Wiking.
  • I was associated with an Online magazine called Ajantrik which is now dead and once upon a time was published from IIT, Kharagpur. Rather, I should say, I was an editor/webmaster of that magazine. Well thats a different story altogether!
  • I worked somewhere in Pune for three years!
  • Now I am back to school. Pursuing my doctoral study at Pennsylvania State University.

Still Much More About Me[edit]

Hey why should I reveal so much of me?
Anyway, if you insist, you can go to my personal or professional website.


I have already told you, I like reading. I am a voracious reader in Bengali. That's because it is my mother tongue. I tried to learn Russian back in college but couldn't go further, may be I should start again someday. I am fond of Russian literature. They impress me. And particularly I felt that Russian literature for children were at peak during the Russian Revolution. I like animations.

I joined Wiki from an urge to contribute something from my small knowledge on Bengal and Bengali related issues specially on literature front. I found that there is lack of informations on these issues. But as time passed I became lazy and less and less contributing!

And Wikipedia[edit]

I joined Wikipedia on mid-february, 2004.

Pages I have contributed[edit]

And not to mention the minor changes.

Pages I wish to contribute[edit]