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Shouldn't this be 1986 in USA television ?

No. If you have information on other countries, please add it. -- Zoe

Just a note - I've been adding stuff from other countries as I find it... there just isn't as much information out there. -Jazz77

Yeah, 1986 was a big year of change for US television. NBC wanted to cancel or drastically change the format of their action shows (Knight Rider cancellation, A-Team format change, Miami Vice adopting 'darker' tones, etc.). Sitcoms were in vogue once again (after many long-running ones ending in 1984.) FOX would start broadcasting. Cable TV and VCR'S were becoming very commonplace. Lots of things were evolving and happening...

WWF Wrestling Challenge[edit]

I think I found an error, Wrestling Challenge did NOT start on September 28, instead it started on September 7, Ring the bell this program has started. Joey Chesnavich 4.13.2018 9:35 am ET — Preceding unsigned comment added by (talk) 13:34, 13 April 2018 (UTC)