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the beast[edit]

-puts foot in mouth-


I think that ARG is not a gaming genre but a concept where they are paradigms not strict rules. It's the same to say "a violent game", where usually show blood but still you can find violent games without a drop of blood.

In general ARG means multi-media gaming experience , such online gaming, webpage and real cellphone calls but in general ARG trend to inmerse the players in the game. In the case of pacman if you are addict, then most likely you will considered that pacman is a ARG.

Apiary vs. I Love Bees Name[edit]

I'd recommend adding a parenthetical reference to "I Love Bees" after "The Apiary," since I have heard almost no one refer to it as the Apiary but I've heard tons of references to the game as "I Love Bees" by people in the games community, including its authors.

Actually, my preference would be to change the principal reference to "I Love Bees" and make "The Apiary" secondary, but if that is in fact its correct name (dunno the answer) perhaps it's the equivalent to referring to a fish as "Cichlasoma Managuensa (Lake Managua Cichlid)" Coll7
Changed to I Love Bees (also known as The Apiary). Alphabeter 23, April 2006 23:46 (UTC)

Ok, added some info on it here. Will make a larger article on the Halo 2 page. Ghost Freeman 19:52, 23 Jul 2004 (UTC)


I think Neurocam [1] is relevant to this genre of gaming, but I'm not sure where it could fit into the current article. Cnwb 03:14, 15 Mar 2005 (UTC)

New Xbox ARG?[edit]

from Gamespot News --> [2]