Dongyang University

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Dongyang University
Revised RomanizationDongyang Daehakgyo
McCune–ReischauerTongyang Taehakkyo

Dongyang University is a private university located in Yeongju, South Korea. The graduating class of 2012 numbered 672. The current president is Sung-Hae Choi (최성해).


A variety of doctoral and master's programs are also provided, mostly in engineering-related fields. It has been designated as a capacity-building university in the basic competency diagnosis of universities


The main campus is situated in Punggi-eup, an outlying region of Yeongju City.

There is a second campus located in Dongducheon.

Dongducheon is a collection of art departments.

It is a private university located in Korea


2010 Seoul Metropolitan Rapid Transit Corporation-Dongyang University Industrial-Academic Convention 2011 01/17 Industrial-Academic Convention for Specialized Education and Training Institutions for Rail Vehicle Drivers Application for designation of specialized training institutions for railway vehicle driving on Dec. 10 (Ministry of Railway Safety Technology at the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport) 2012 03/26 Approved for designation as a specialized training institution for the driver's license of a railway vehicle first-time educator 04/13 Tong Yang University Railway Academy Opening 05/04 Completion of 1st phase of trainees 06/25 2nd class teacher Completion of 2nd phase trainee for 08/31 09/03 3rd phase of education Completion of the 3rd phase of November 16 12/17 4th Training School Completed 4th phase of 2013 02/28 03/11 5th Training School Completion of 5th phase of 06/05 06/17 6th Training School Completion of 6th phase of 08/30 09/09 7th Training School Completion of 7th phase of education on 12/16 Admission to the 8th School of Education on December 23 Completed the 8th phase of 2014 02/28 04/14 9th Training School Completion of 9th phase of 06/20 06/23 10th Training School 08/29 Completion of 10th Training Students 09/01 The 11th Training School Completion of the 11th phase of the 11th phase 21 12th Annual Education Students Admission on December 23 Completed 12th phase of 2015 02/28 03/09 13th Training School Completed 13th term of education at 05/29 06/18 14th Training School Completion of the 14th phase of the 08/28 Education Students 09/07th 15th Training School Completion of 15th Class of Education on November 27 12/21 Sixteenth Students of Education Completed the 16th phase of training in 2016 02/27 03/14 Seventeen-year Trainees Admission (General Inhabitant) 06/10 Completion of 17th Student (General Person) Admission to the 18th class of 06/30 Completion of the 18th class of 09/02 Entrance to the 19th School of Education at 09/19 12/02 19th term student completion 12/26 Education Students Attached to the 20th School 2017 Completion of 20th Training Students 03/13 21st generation of trainees (general class) 04/01 Changing the Name of the Railway Technology Education Center at Tong Yang University (Driver Licensing Department) Open a public relations class at Tong Yang University's Railway Academy 06/09 21st generation of trainees completed (general population) 06/26 22nd Training School Completed the 22nd phase of the 08/26 training program. Admission to the public enterprise class for the 17th semester of August 28 and 28 semester 09/11 23rd Training School Completion of the 23rd phase of education in December/01 12/19 24th Annual Training School Completed 24th Training Students for the 2018 03/02 03/05 18-1st semester, enter the public enterprise class 03/12 25th class (general class) 06/08 Completion of 25th Training Students (General Person) 07/02 26th Training School Entering the public enterprise class in the 18-2 semester of the 08/27 09/01 26th student completed Admission to the 27th phase of the 09/10 Education Students Rename Tong Yang University Railway Academy (Driver Licensing Training Team) 27th Annual Training Completion Admission to the 28th School of Education on December 17 2019 01/14 29th theoretical class educator (general college) Completion of 28th Class of Trainee 02/28 29th Annual Seminary Trainee Completion (General Person) 03/04 19-1 Semester Class of Public Enterprises 03/25 Education students in the 29th functional class (general college) 04/29 Admission to the 30th School of Education Completion of the 29th functional class for 06/14 (general person) Entering the 31st class of 07/15 09/06 Completion of 30th Student Admission to the 32nd School

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Undergraduate Tong Yang University has 10 colleges, and the department of theater and film chemistry is the only department not affiliated with the college.

Main school campus University of Public Administration, University of Social Sciences, University of Aeronautics, University of Railways, College of Health and Criminology Department of Police Administration Department of Building Fire Safety Department of Social Welfare Department of Urban Culture Content Department of Global Business Department of Business Administration Department of Conservation of Cultural Properties Department of Fashion Management Department of Aeronautical Services Department of Aeronautics and IT Department of Rail Management Department of Rail Operation Control Department of Railway Mechanical Systems Department of Railway Construction Safety Engineering Department of Railway Electrical Convergence Early Childhood Education Department of Nursing Science Department of Health and Medical Administration Department of Living and Physical Education Department of Drama and Sciences, Department of Applied Life Sciences, Department of Drama and Sciences, Department of Defense Science and Technology University, Energy and Engineering College. Department of Military Affairs in Computer and Information Communication Department of Computer Science Department of Electronic Engineering Hwagong Biotech Co., Ltd. Department of Architectural Interior Department of Jewelry and Jewelry Dongducheon Campus University of Public Humanities College of Art Department of Public Humanities a major in public administration major in public management a public relations major Department of Techno-Communist Artificial Intelligence Public Safety Engineering major A fusion it Techno relevant major public office Safety Engineering In industrial safety Major public safety Techno relevant major public office The department of game In games, In game art Design In Visual Communication Design Public design major Living design major The performance of VISUAL In smoke. Major production directed by In video Graduate school General graduate school Graduate school of education Graduate School of Information

facility Yeongju Campus School facility and auxiliary organizations School facility and auxiliary organizations Hyunam Kwan (University Headquarters) Shin Jae Gwan Jang Yeong-silgwan Jang In Gwan Dasan Pavilion (Humanities and Social Sciences Museum) Library Welfare-dong Hyunamjeongsa (Humanity Training Center) a school gang Gym DYU Tower (Startup Nursing Center) Student Counseling Center Barracks Ilshinjae (A) Saimdang (B) Sambonggwan (C) Hoeeonjae (power room) (d, e) Gounjae (Civil Service Academy) (h) Dongducheon Campus School facility and auxiliary organizations College Silseupttong a Silseupttong b Library student restaurant Barracks Dorm Building No1 Dormitory, 2-dong Dorm, Korea A dormitory, Korea a recreation ground Observatory Concourse


Campus of this school Punggi Station

Dongducheon Campus Walk 10 minutes from Exit 1 of Dongducheon Station

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