Asa Danforth

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Asa Danforth
BornJuly 6, 1748
DiedSeptember 2, 1818
Onondaga Hollow, New York
Spouse(s)Hannah Wheeler
ChildrenAsa Danforth Jr
Parent(s)Thomas Danforth and Sarah Danforth (Butterfield)

Asa Danforth (1746-1818) was father of salt manufacturer and an early colonizer Asa Danforth Jr.. Danforth was originally from Worcester, Massachusetts and moved his family to the Onondaga Valley area of New York. He was known to have anti-British sentiments.[1]

Danforths in America[edit]

Danforth traces his roots back to surveyor Jonathan Danforth, Sr (1628 - 1712) arrived in America sometime around the 1650s. He was born in Framingham, High Suffolk, England and worked on surveying work in colonial America.[2] Several generations of Danforths would reside in Massachusetts.